Sunday, February 06, 2005

Re: Hacking Websites

I attended a talk recently at ADNUG (Austin .NET Users Group) which was supposed to be about Garbage Collection. Unfortunately, the dude who was supposed to give the talk couldn't make it in time so they had another guy present in his place. He didn't care much for Garbage Collection and instead gave a talk on hacking websites.

Blah blah...

Yes ... I am responding to the super blog by Mohn after so long that I need to provide a link to codeword itself!! That was one of the best blogs we've had.

The You suck message did feel nice for a couple of days.

Haven't come across more cracking methods though. You guys tried anything? Leart anything new?

Mohn mentioned Stored Procedures which I have been working on as part of the current DBMS module. You guys interested in the topic?

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