Friday, June 10, 2005

Re: Are Design Patterns How Languages Evolve?

Another good example in the is the Observer pattern. This is where you want to "observe" another object and be notified when an event occurs. In .NET the concept of an Event is built into the system.

What you mentioned about the Observer pattern is right. An observer(mostly UI) registers with an observable(data) to be notified about changes so that it can update/refresh itself.

I think the Event class you mention actually corresponds to the Command Design Pattern. I do not have a very good idea about this pattern so may be incorrect. Many times patterns are clubbed together to provide a solution.

I find that Design Patterns are discussed more on the Java side. I haven't found much material with regards to .NET. Dunno why.

There are a lot of patterns on the J2EE side. To build a good app.. with good perf, a lot of stuff needs to be done. Java stuff does not shield you that much. It is very easy to build an app that totally sucks in perf. A lot of experience and knowledge is required. .NET i guess protects the dev more. I guess we should try discussing more topics like say persistence as well which is one of the major areas in Enterprise apps.

I've added a new member - Pawan - to codeWord.

Welcome to the group!! Look forward to some good discussions.. on any topic whatsoever.

Btw all of your posts need to bash Microsoft at some level. And you'll have to have a very high level of tolerance against really bad jokes by the other guys..

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