Sunday, December 05, 2004

Re: Is Some Software Meant to be Secret?

if I provide source of my app, don't I have to provide it during developement phase too?

Isn't this normal practice for open source apps? Couldn't you download daily builds of Firefox?

I think a major difference between closed source apps and open source counterparts is that open source doesn't really have a strong sense of versioning. It is a very iterative process. Using FireFox as an example... people have been using it way before they released 1.0. It's part of the "culture". You're expected to keep up. So the release/development phase is sort of blurred. It's not really the case for closed source apps. There's a clear separation. So even if these closed source guys open their code, it would most likely be with the final release. How does Sun do it for Java APIs?

MS sees a subscription based model as the future. I think Web-services will play a big role in this. Sun has a subscription model for JDS and plans something similar for Solaris 10. They even want to offer grid computing wherein the customer simply pays for CPU cycles. So the revenue model is changing.

Dyou really think this model will work? Somehow I can't imagine it will ever be successful. This idea of pay per use will be too hard for many people to swallow. People are used to the idea of owning their software and using it however they want. Moving to the subscription model won't be easy because you're not in control. At anytime, anyone can cut off your access. I think MS did some trials in a few countries and it bombed. Maybe it would work in large companies where there might be a possibility of cutting costs. But for personal use - I highly doubt it.

There should be no pressure on us. We continue what we do. If someone else is interested, they join. Simple. I just do not see the need to please anyone else

I was joking. You know... going public as in getting listed on an index like Nasdaq and so pleasing our shareholders. Maybe I should make more use of ';-)' in the future ;-)

And BTW, we do have a new member but he's been quiet. Hrishi's pal from IIT, Nikhil, is the latest codeWordian (too cheesy?). Let's have some posts dude.

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