Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Hey guys!

Ok, looks like Hrishikesh has plucked the right string there... C/C++ usually gets me started :-)

For starters, about me -- I have no clue to Java; I'm pretty good at C on UNIX/Linux etc and I can bear C++. Regarding my ignorance of Java, all I will say is that the "Hello world!" I wrote took so long to start off that I gave up :D Well, maybe though, my body and soul is written in Java. See, Mohnish added me to the blog almost a week ago. And my first post comes now. Pretty much like the Hello World I wrote... took a looong time to start, but worked fine after that. (bad joke -- you said this was the place :P)

I am looking forward to seeing your comments on C vs C++. In fact lets add Java to it! Let's see what you hard-core Java fellows have to say about the efficiency of object oriented features that Hrishikesh (in my opinion, correctly) labels as having sub-optimal implementations in C++. What about Java?

I will come up with a post detailing what I like and dislike about C++ soon...
Till then,

PS: Did you guys know we guys here call Hrishikesh, "Micro"? Micro?! Huh! near Mega you'd say... well... but then it all started from a Micro-elephant :D

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