Sunday, October 10, 2004

Re: C# ?

what's Mgpt? So are they going to teach you C/C++ in this next module or just use it for your programming?

Mgpt is one of the assessment methods here at Ncb. You'll get lots of info here . To put it simply, is a sort of a topcoder puzzle solving contest. Complexity of problems varies from "very difficult" to "writing a compiler is easier" levels. We have to clear Mgpt's for two modules, Java programming and Data Structures using Java. Generally only 3-4 students clear both in the entire year.

In the current module we are being taught programming in C/C++. C was just 2 sessions. C++ has more sessions but still really fast. And we are covering the new std C++. One of the C++ assignments is to create a Big Integer (BigInt) data type. The BigInt can have upto 100 digits and we are supposed to overload operators for < , > , == , +, - , / , % and few others. Just completed this one and division (/) has been amazing to code!!

In the next modules we have to create projects and no assignment problems as such. In those we can choose any language of implementation, Java or C++. No prizes for guessing what I'll prefer.

Just for an overview - C# programming

I have a super huge grin on me face. You don't know how happy this made me. Change is good :-)

I've always wanted to learn more programming languages. I think we agree that to be a complete dev have to know more than a particular lang. Good to appreciate design of each lang. Its just that I've been too lazy. Once you've entered the comfort zone with a lang, its hard to get out.

C++ has been a good experience. Lots to learn still but seen some really cool stuff. I dunno if I'll ever do stuff like python etc..

So hope that cleared some stuff up. What are your impressions of .NET from the book. I've been blogging a lot about this stuff so you should be familiar with some of it already - atleast I hope.

I had to switch to C++ so didn't do much. Most of the explanations you gave caused me to wonder.. what happens in Java. So I'll probably research on this for some time.

All your blogs on C# have been super helpful. I still have a few doubts, but those will get fixed only when I start coding. There's a limit to how much you can understand by reading.

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