Thursday, April 22, 2004

Re: More balls through Windows

can't agree more with the stuff mohn wrote on windows vs linux bugs. a lot depends on the users of the OS how computer aware they are.

The other thing is my theory of why Linux will never reach high popularity on the desktop. It seems like Linux is a "cult" right now and those who are part of it are happy to be in on it.

linux is becoming more like windows evryday especially with the GUI. a lot of devs realise that linux is not as user-friendly and are fixing that. there is a definite cult, but no one can really be dis-satisfied because customization is possible. there are so many distro's available each for a different level of users. many super geeks still stick to console only. win users start of with mandrake/ fedora, then learn more. it's all about choice.

another major factor is the push towards linux by co's like ibm. ibm has recently started advertising tv on linux. and it is increasing awareness. 2 or 3 guys from college asked me about linux after the ad's. i would not have had this discussion more than a year ago. linux has reached a major level of maturity on the servers. the next level although slower will be on the desktop. maybe this will be more pronounced in developing countries like india. but seriously, from a consumers point of view don't we prefer open standards? with maturity, linux has only one way to go, up!!

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