Sunday, December 16, 2007

Growing Pains

These are pretty exciting times. A lot of languages are being extended to add more features...

I guess it started with the .Net guys getting aggressive with new features like annotations, generics, delegates and now Linq. They are becoming more dynamic. Something to watch out for.

Java had to respond and got annotations and generics. Generics has been a mess with wildcards. Closures seems to be going down that route. If only we get something thats simpler and yet extensible. The memory model is simpler and concurrency API has also been a great addition.

C++ seems be following on Java's line with a similar memory model. I dont know what else is there but C++Ox should be big.

There seem to be a lot of changes coming into Javascript and they want to make it much more Java like. Just heard a talk on the proposed changes and it seems much more complicated (read crappy). There seem to be so many new keywords that it just does not make sense.

Is it time to move to a language like Scala? Cause I've not been able to leave static checking for Ruby yet. Hey why not just listen to Paul Graham and code in Lisp :)

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