Friday, April 08, 2005

More on Mono

Kinda obvious, but one of the great things about the programming world is that you interact, learn from, help and work with people from all over the world. Here's a video from Turkey interviewing Miguel De Icaza - the Mono dude (also GNOME founder). Can't understand half the things the interviewers are saying. I thought they were talking Turkish... turns out it was English.

Anyway, I really got a lot of respsect for Miguel. His blog gives you a good insight into his views - and not just programming related. He's like a really experienced open source hacker. Just feel like if you worked under him you would learn a lot. One of the questions in the interview was about the development process behind Mono. He gives a really good answer about not being a great fan of UML and strict development processes. They are all great hackers and just want to do it because they are having fun... enjoying it. Strict dev practices etc... limit creativity and the "art" of programming.

What dyou think of his answer? I want to learn good practices about developing software because right now we all lack any substantial experience with it. But at the same time, I read about UML, design patterns, agile development, "some new hyped up buzzword" etc... and it all just seems so "messy" or tends to complicate matters. Same feeling I have with some Java developments. I've mentioned them before. It feels a lot of over engineering. Granted this is coming from someone with little experience, but haven't you read an article which goes on about something and at the end of the 20th page you think, what the hell was that? Just seems so complicated for something which could have been done more simply.

Also, any opinions about Mono? From his blog sometime back - "7 out of the 20 top-rated apps on are mono apps". I was quite surprised/impressed. It looks like it's use has picked up.

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