Saturday, February 26, 2005

Re: More on C# and C++

The basic focus in creating C# was simplicity (not to the levels of Java, but close).

This is a very important point you made. The one time I picked up a C# book and read some fundamentals,.. I was really quite lost. I kept wondering where is all this in Java and is it really needed. The features did have merit but life was simpler without them.

Regarding Coherent Libraries... MS keeps saying how they want to get the community involved with their technology. But it pales compared to the Java community. utting everything in one gigantic framework just keeps bloating it up and you have to pay the size penalty regardless of whether you will use them APIs or not.

Is NUnit widely used? I think its similar to the JUnit library.

Java is also a pretty huge framework. It is divided into Standard and Enterprise Editions, but are still very huge in themselves. Are .NET api's divided similarly? And the Java api's are bloating too. So there doesn't seem to be much of a diff there.

There area however many widely used 3rd party Java libraries and apps. Some even competing with the Standard api's. What do you think is the reason for this state in .NET?

As as aside, have you guys read anything on Eiffel? I've heard that it's heavily contract oriented. As in, even pre and post conditions can be specified in code.

I just read something similar in a book recently - Class invariants. Never thought of this stuff before. Could Mohn post an example.

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