Sunday, January 30, 2005

Re: Solaris vs Linux

The only reason I want to try out Solaris 10 is dtrace. I have already worked on UltraSPARC machines running solaris, and I believe the x86 version should be no different.

What experience have you had with Solaris? Any different from Linux? Ever worked on some BSD version. Hrishi had mentioned that you guys had some really old Sparc boxes at IIT.

Dtrace has been the most widely publiscised of the S10 features. Loads of devs must have downloaded it. And a Linux port have surely been started!!

Btw some other features are a new file system ZFS and some predictive healing capability which should be really interesting.

What is your level of expertise in Linux? From Kernel dev to Novice User(thats me). So expect loads of questions!!

The install is intuitive; it co-exists with Linux (so I hear) -- you need 12GB of free space. Except maybe the grub part. In any case, a simple installation guide is very much there on their site. If you need it, I can mail you a copy of the pdf, or I could put it on Hrishi's site.

I got the pdf from Hrishi's site. Thnx. The instructions seemed a bit too simple. And that was scary.

I'm not sure if I'll be able to dload S10 and should take quite some time. Any of you guys installed it? Especially asking as I need to use grub.

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