Tuesday, September 28, 2004

C# ?

The DS module in Cdac is over and I just flunked in the Mgpt. The next module is C and C++ programming and so I should have lots of questions coming up soon.

Just for a change I got a book from the library which I plan to go through very fast just for an overview - C# Progamming (with the public beta) by Wrox. So got another bunch of questions...

Enums in c# are value types. So firstly are data types stored on the stack? And even class instances can be stored on the stack.. so what's the syntax for that? On enums i wanted to compare them with java enums. In java 5.0, enums were added which are actually classes. So when you say enum {something} you are actually extending a class. So enums in java are pretty advanced. I'll have to read more to give more info. What about c#? You can get more info on Enums from this Oreilly sample chapter

Another thing was the huge number of keywords. I read on const and readonly. Are they really required over final?

The main question that propmted this blog was inheritance.virtual override new sealed and abstract... wow so many keywords and complex relationshipsDo you make use of all these keywords?? Isn't the Java style much more simple? Trying to appease c++ programmers, but added awhole extra bunch of words!!

On boxing and unboxing, why the need for a different object class from the default Object class? In Java the wrapper classes for primitives like Integer for int can be cast to Object. Wrt Java 5.0 I think the compiler will be generating casting code which was generally written by hand.

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