Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Missed google name opportunities

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Google got it right with Froogle (the site for searching for the least expensive products), but missed the opportunity with news, creating news.google.com instead of noogle. Here is my list of proposed names for sites Google could run:

Google: the general search site
Froogle: for searching for the lowest cost on items
Whoogle: for searching for people
Noogle: for searching news
Screwgle: for searching porn
Boogle: for searching for scary things
Toolgle: for searching for tools
Poogle: for finding the closest bathroom
Loogle: for searching legal (or finding the closest bathroom in England)
Roogle: for finding small kangaroos
Moogle: for searching money (or finding lost cows)
Vousgle: the French site for finding everything about you
Zoogle: search the local animal park

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